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It’s all about size

So you’ve decided to get a heat pump. Now you need to choose which size to get. Getting the size right is vital, but how do you know which size is the best fit for your home?

Too small

If your heat pump is too small, it does not heat your home properly. It pumps excessively and never satisfies your needs. The too-small heat pump is inefficient and slow at heating your home. In cold climates, the unit may even freeze up.

Too big

If your heat pump is too big, it can overheat your home. Bigger is not better, plus it’s more expensive. If your heat pump is too large, it turns off and on to avoid overheating your home.

How well insulated is your home?

An old poorly insulated house loses heat faster than a new, north-facing house. In crude terms, an old house needs a big heat pump. New well-insulated homes tend to require smaller heat pumps.

Is it cold where you live? 

The size you need roughly correlates with the latitude in which you reside. The further south you go, the larger your heat pumps needs to be. If it gets extremely cold where you live, you need a pump with large capacity.

What’s your type?

Single-split heat pump systems are designed to heat rooms and spaces, say, your living room. This system does not heat your whole house.

Multi-split or ducted systems can heat your whole home and are cheaper than installing several single-split systems.

Get it right

HPAC knows which size is right for you. Our climate control experts are leaders in their field. Invite one of us over for an in-house inspection and we will find you the most efficient heat pump to make your home warm and toasty.

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