4 Tips on bathroom heating and ventilation


A few ways you can manage your bathroom, keeping it warm, dry and damp-free.

Just because they generate the most moisture, steam and condensation, it doesn’t mean bathrooms have to stay that way all day, and it certainly shouldn’t impact on the rest of your home.

With several fixtures capable of generating hot water in a relatively confined space, steam and condensation are a given, but with that in mind there are a few ways you can manage your bathroom, keeping it warm, dry and damp-free.

Install a heated towel rail

Not only are they going to dry your towels, removing any mould or moisture, but a heated towel rail will help to heat your bathroom. A relatively inexpensive part of a remodel or renovation, they’re a simple yet effective way to keep your towels free of mould and bacteria that can thrive in warm, damp places.

Maximise the amount of passive light

Passive light is essentially light that you don’t have to pay for. By maximising window space (without compromising privacy) or installing a skylight you can make the most of the sun’s warmth to warm up your bathroom during the day. With the right tiles installed, they trap and hold on to some of that heat (more on this soon) which makes it that much easier to step on to on a cold morning.

Properly ventilate the space

Much more common in newer homes, but proper ventilation is a must for any renovations or remodels. Installing an extractor fan will suck up all the steam that rises to the ceiling and move it outside your home, helping to demist your mirrors and prevent any moisture from getting into the rest of the house.

Consider underfloor heating

A more expensive option to add to an existing home, underfloor heating is most cost-effective when it’s part of a new build or major renovation. The system works by installing a series of water pipes or electrical circuits which can be heated using a thermostat on the wall. They take a little longer to heat than traditional heaters so the timers that come with most units are useful, but the result is that your bathroom is warmer, drier and you’ll never have to worry about feeling the cold walking on to cold tiles again.

If you’re looking at renovating or remodelling your bathroom and have any questions about how you can make the most of your budget, feel free to contact one of our experts. We’re more than happy to help.