2 energy efficient solutions for new builds in 2022


Building your dream home? Investing in energy efficiency should be a top priority.

Building your dream home? Investing in energy efficiency should be a top priority. Not only will you reap the benefits when you live there, future proofing your home in this way adds value and makes it more sellable in the future. But you only have this one chance to get it right, so here are what we think are the top 2 things to include in 2022.

Heat pump hydronic underfloor heating

Underfloor heating works by installing water pipe circuits before the concrete is poured. The water in these pipes is heated using a system similar to traditional heat pumps, meaning they take free energy from outside except it’s transferred into heating water in the circuits. With a hydronic underfloor system, you can even put that heat back towards your hot water cylinder, creating massive savings in the long run. We’re one of the leading suppliers and installers of these systems, so be sure to run your plans past our team of specialists ready to help you find the best solution for your home.

Heat Pumps

With their versatility and relatively low run cost, installing a heat pump is really a no-brainer when building a modern home. It’s important to note that for many of the major brands their most cost-effective unit might only be available as a single-split pump (meaning there’s only one indoor unit).

However, a multi-split unit can be better for the power bill when you’re looking at heating a few rooms at a time.

Ducted systems and specific ceiling units provide the same output while going virtually unnoticed to most guests as they are built into the walls and ceiling. We can help you choose what’s best.

When it comes to building the most energy efficient house on the street, there are plenty of ways to lower your bills but these three options give you the most bang for your buck.

To maximise your investment, consider which rooms will be north facing and be sure to build on the sunniest part of the section, especially if solar is an option. Doing so will provide more energy for your heat pumps and solar panels because well, heat from the sun is free! We’ve helped many families achieve energy efficiency from their heating solutions so if you’re also building new, book a consultation with one of our experts today.