Heat Recovery & Ventilation Systems


A damp home is hard to heat, can be prone to mould, and just isn’t that nice to live in! Heat recovery & ventilation systems remove condensation issues, keeping your home warm and dry all year round.

Heat recovery & ventilation systems bring fresh air into your house and take stale air out, all while retaining heat via a heat exchanger. This keeps your home fully ventilated, without throwing away heat that you’ve already paid for. 

Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery

These systems work by extracting the stale air from inside your house to remove dampness, odours, dust, and bacteria. This air is then replaced with filtered outside air. The environmentally friendly ‘heat exchanger’ is the cleverest part of the system; it takes energy out of the stale air that’s being removed and uses this energy to heat (or cool) the clean air that’s coming in. 

Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery System Benefits

Very cost-effective to run

Very good at keeping a constant climate in your home.

Can retain up to as much as 75% of the heat that would normally be lost with a ventilation-only system. 

Creates a healthy breathing environment by extracting pollutants from your home without letting in pollen and dust from outside.

Helps with heat recovery, distributing fresh heated air around your house instead of just having the heat in one room.

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive pressure ventilation systems are very common in NZ in existing homes. They work by taking air from the roof space, filtering out any nasties, and pumping it into the main living areas through ducts or ceiling vents. At the same time, these systems push out old air through small gaps and openings in the building envelope, transforming a stagnant atmosphere into a healthy and lower-condensation environment.

Key Benefits

Very cheap to run, with relatively affordable upfront costs.

Easy to install, as everything can be mounted in the roof space with a power source and ducts in central locations.