Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning


Heat pumps are versatile, energy-efficient and reliable. Learn about the different types of heat pumps that are available, and find the right unit for your home. 

Heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient forms of heating or cooling available, and they’re a common sight in most New Zealand homes! Today’s heat pumps let you customise the way your unit operates to enhance its efficiency and complement your lifestyle.

We can help you to find a heat pump that fits your budget, lifestyle, and climate. Book a free in-home assessment to get started. 

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps draw heat from the air outside and use it to warm the air inside, even when it’s freezing outside! 

During the warmer months, simply put the heat pump into reverse with the remote, and your heat pump becomes a cooling air conditioner. Heat pumps also act as a dehumidifier by catching the moisture in the air as it condenses.

Heat Pump Benefits

Very effective in terms of the power they use compared to the heat they generate - for every kWh of electricity they use they will produce 4.5kWh of heat.

Great for room-specific heating or cooling.

Good for larger spaces such as open-plan living areas.

Highly controllable with a thermostat setting and timer.

Good for overall air quality, as they incorporate air filters that remove dust and pollen

Heat Pump Types