Residential Solutions


Discover a range of innovative, market-leading home heating and cooling solutions from HPAC. We’re proud to supply, install and service products from all the leading brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Fujitsu.


Find your perfect temperature

From heat pumps and home ventilation, right through to underfloor heating and full heat recovery systems, HPAC can help you find the perfect solution for your home.

There’s something for every lifestyle and budget in our extensive range, and our team can help you select the unit that’s best for your specific needs.

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

Heat pumps are one of the best ways to heat your home; they’re quiet, easy to use, environmentally friendly and very affordable!

Today’s heat pumps are packed with advanced features that let you customise how your unit functions, so you can make sure your heat pump is operating at maximum efficiency all year round. We can help you find a heat pump that’s the perfect size for your space. 

Brands we stock

We’re proud to supply and service a complete range of cost and energy-efficient products from the world’s leading climate control brands.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Ready to make some serious savings on your water heating costs? Hot water heat pumps can dramatically reduce the amount you spend on heating water, leading to a nice reduction in your power bill. 

Hot water heat pumps can be installed in most new and existing homes, and are a great alternative to gas hot water. 

Brands we stock

We’re proud to supply and service energy-efficient hot water heat pumps from leading brands, including Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. 

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is more sophisticated and cost-effective than ever before. Add another level of luxury and comfort to your new home with the latest generation of heat pump hydronic underfloor heating systems.

Our team can design and tailor a system to suit your new house plans. Book a free consultation to get started.

Brands we stock

We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of heat pump hydronic underfloor heating systems, and are proud to bring these internationally recognised brands to Kiwi homes.

Pool Heating & Indoor Pool Ventilation

If you’re planning to install a pool, make sure you can use it all year round! Make the most of your new pool with a customised heating and ventilation system. Our team can help you find an environmentally friendly solution that fits your budget.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery/ventilation systems are a clever way to keep your home warm and dry, and avoid ‘throwing away’ heat that you’ve already paid for! 

These systems remove stale air from inside your house to remove dampness and odour, then replace it with filtered outside air, cleverly pre-heated to keep your family cosy.

Brands we stock

With an extensive range of heat recovery systems from leading brands, we can help you find a solution that’s perfect for your lifestyle.