Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating provides ultimate comfort, keeping your home at the perfect temperature during the cold winter months. Today’s underfloor heating systems are more sophisticated and more affordable than ever, making underfloor a popular choice for new home builds.

Energy-efficient hydronic solutions

An underfloor hydronic heat pump system will typically use less than ¼ of the electricity of a similar-sized electric element system, making it the smart choice for underfloor heating. As well as keeping your home cosy, a hydronic underfloor heating system can also heat your hot water, keeping your energy costs down! 

We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of the latest generation of heat pump hydronic underfloor heating systems, and our experienced team can design and tailor a system to suit your new house plans.

How does underfloor heating work?

Early on in the build process, before the concrete slab is poured, water pipe circuits are installed in the areas that you want to heat. These pipes are heated by an air-to-water heat pump; this works similarly to an ordinary heat pump, except instead of heating the air in your house, it heats the underfloor water circuits. That heat makes its way up through the flooring and is dispersed throughout your home.

Fully concealed within the floor, so there’s no visual impact on your home, and you don’t lose any wall space.

Because the concealed pipes spread under the whole room, you can expect a consistent temperature without warm or cold spots.

Underfloor heating systems work well at a lower temperature, which reduces the amount of electricity you use.

Good heating option for allergy sufferers, as there’s no air output to blow dust around your home.