Don’t be caught out in the sun: Getting your office summer-ready


Keeping you and your staff comfortable over the coming months.

With another hot summer on the horizon, getting room temperature right will be key to keeping you and your staff comfortable over the coming months. Installing a proper air-conditioning or ventilation system before it’s too late will pay dividends in terms of productivity and morale.

The systems available for businesses aren’t much different from the solutions that we install in residential homes, however, the biggest difference is obviously the scale we cater to with commercial spaces. Some spaces lend themselves to a more customised solution, but let’s take a look our most common commercial applications.

Heat Pumps

If your office is small, you work from home or the layout of the office isn’t open-plan (meaning you have a few enclosed spaces) then heat pumps can be a great year-round solution. In winter they work by taking outside air and heating it using a refrigerant and CO 2, but during summer you can simply reverse the process and cool any space. They’re cost-effective and essentially use the same technology your fridge does, except you’re the one that’s kept at the right temperature.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and for large offices and commercial spaces these systems really do it all. In winter they can be used much like a ducted heat pump and warm a number of different rooms. However, if your workplace uses number of machines that give off heat then that can also be re-purposed to warm the office. In summer, these systems can also work in reverse to cool your office or workplace. As these systems also ventilate simultaneously, they remove stale air and replace it with fresh air at the perfect temperature – just what your staff need to stay focused.

While HVAC systems are the most comprehensive when it comes to keeping workplaces and offices at the right temperature with quality air, as you can imagine they’re also among the most complicated. Our experts take engineering, thermodynamics, fluid and heat transfer expertise into account when designing these custom solutions. A few examples can be found here and to find out more, get in touch with one of our experts today.