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Warranty & Guarantee

Warranty coverage and validity periods can vary for differing equipment, but typically heat pumps will have a 5 year warranty.

Within this period, if you suspect your heat pump is not performing as it should or if it has got noisier, it is definitely worth getting us to check this out, as repairs may be covered under your warranty.

If your heat pump/air conditioning or ventilation system was installed by HPAC technicians, then we will hold all your equipment serial numbers and warranty details in our database. If your system wasn’t installed by us, we can access these details via your equipment serial numbers.

It’s also important to carry out regular maintenance servicing during your warranty period. Maintenance is a great way for our technicians to pick up any faults before they become a problem, and servicing also helps to ensure your warranty is valid.

"We installed two heat pumps at opposite end's of the house. The technicians Georgie and Chris were outstanding, considerate, and extremely professional. They vacuumed after jobs and were even cheaper than competitors. Highly recommend."

Logan Cassidy,

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