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Multi Split Heat Pumps

Multi split heat pumps have one outdoor unit but more than one indoor unit connected to it.

They are gaining in popularity thanks to their ability to heat and cool a wide range of rooms. Multi split units have the added advantage of enabling you to create different temperatures in different rooms, giving you greater control over your environment.

A multi split system can be installed into most buildings either as part of a new build or fitted to an existing home. With wide range of indoor units to choose from such as floor consoles, ceiling cassettes and high wall, you will be sure you can find a solution that is right for you.

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Multi split benefits

  • It can be more cost efficient when buying more than two single split units
  • Because there's only one outdoor unit on the side of your home it’s more aesthetically pleasing


Please note prices vary depending on the type and brand of heat pump chosen and include installation.

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