Household Ventilation


Also known as 'central heating', ducted systems are one of the best ways of heating or cooling a whole house. Your system is customised to perfectly suit your home, and you can add ‘zone control’ to change the temperature in different rooms. 

Ducted systems are incredibly discreet; with all of the hardware tucked away in the roof cavity, they’re virtually invisible and very quiet. Our specialist team can work with you to design a system that is tailored for your house, which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your system. 

Ducted systems are becoming more and more popular in new builds; if you’re planning a new home, book a free consultation to learn more about the options.

Ducted System benefits

Ultra quiet, and virtually invisible - you’ll only see subtle ceiling grills and the wall-mounted control pad.

Zone control lets you turn the heating in specific rooms on or off, giving you greater control of your home environment from one central system.

Unlike single or multi split heat pumps, which you strategically place where you need heating, ducted systems service the whole house. 

Ducted systems can be easily integrated with a ventilation system for a complete solution.

Ducted systems can also incorporate a heat recovery ventilation system to provide clean, fresh air without losing any valuable heat.