Mitsubishi Electric

Rapid Heat Hypercore

The only floor console heat pump in NZ featuring patented HyperCore® Technology. It’s New Zealand's best performing heat pump in cold conditions, guaranteed to perform at its full heating capacity right down to -15°C.

Key Features

Today’s heat pumps are incredibly versatile, with lots of advanced features that allow you to customise the way your unit operates to enhance efficiency and complement your lifestyle.

Rapid Heating Technology

Advanced sensors coupled with Intuitive Control Logic mean optimal running temperatures are reached in the shortest amount of time possible with maximum energy efficiency. 

High Energy Efficiency

The RapidHeat Floor Console Range are some of the most energy efficient heat pumps available in New Zealand, making these models among the most economical in terms of potential yearly running costs in their capacity class. The RapidHeat Floor Consoles also feature Econo Cool which switches airflow to Swing Mode, ensuring you use less energy to provide an overall cooling effect during the summer months.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

RapidHeat Floor Consoles make use of two types of filtration to provide cleaner, healthier air. The Air Purifying Filter generates stable antibacterial and deodorising effects, whilst the Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter uses enzyme catalysts to filter allergens and remove harmful bacteria.

7-Day Programmable Controller

The RapidHeat Floor Consoles feature a built-in weekly timer, allowing you to program up to four time and temperature settings for each day of the week