Premier Series

In an increasingly energy conscious world, Panasonic strives to create air conditioners with class leading energy efficiency. Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology features the ability to regulate room temperature with little fluctuation, and reduce wasteful operation, resulting in increased energy savings.

Key Features

Today’s heat pumps are incredibly versatile, with lots of advanced features that allow you to customise the way your unit operates to enhance efficiency and complement your lifestyle.

Active Deodorisation

Penetrating into the deepest parts of fibres, nanoe™X eliminates frequently encountered odours, creating cleaner and fresher spaces.

Inhibition of Hazardous Substances

nanoe™X has been confirmed to inhibit and breakdown common hazardous / harmful substances ensuring that the air you breathe is cleaner and safer.

Inhibition of Mould

Common airborne and adhered mould found inside living / working spaces are enveloped and inhibited by nanoe™X.

Inhibition of Bacteria & Viruses

nanoe™X envelops and inhibits the activity of airborne and adhered bacteria & viruses.

Inhibition of Pollen

nanoe™X is effective in inhibiting a variety of pollen globally, all year around.

Inhibition of Major Allergens

nanoe™X inhibits allergens such as pet dander, mite faeces / carcasses, and airborne mould, as well as other major allergens.

Moisturises and Hydrates

nanoe™X combines with natural sebum (natural skin oils) to coat the skin, leading to a smoother, well-hydrated complexion.