High Static Ducted System

Consisting of an outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit, a ducted system delivers air through ducting pipes (usually in the ceiling) into each room via vents on the floor, wall or ceiling. Panasonic ducted systems look very discreet and have been designed with flexibility in mind, which is extremely helpful when designing a system for your home, and also makes installation much easier.

Key Features

Today’s heat pumps are incredibly versatile, with lots of advanced features that allow you to customise the way your unit operates to enhance efficiency and complement your lifestyle.

Class Leading Energy Efficiency

In an increasingly energy conscious world, Panasonic has striven to create air conditioners with class leading energy efficiency. Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology features the ability to regulate room temperature with little fluctuation, and reduce wasteful operation, resulting in increased energy savings. Panasonic’s innovative technologies reduce the overall environmental impact, as well as having a positive impact on your wallet, so your environmental consciousness won’t prevent you from living in comfort.

High Performance

Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology sustains superior performance, keeping you comfortable all year round. With superior operating performance, our air conditioning systems create your comfort with ease, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology has a wide output range from 30% to 125%* ensuring constant comfort all year round.

Compact Body Size

Panasonic ducted system indoor units are specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Engineered to be compact and discreet, the only visible components are the inconspicuous air inlet and outlet grilles, ensuring that comfort doesn’t mean compromising aesthetics.

Moreover, the systems’ compact dimensions make them versatile and easy to install, while the market leading 18kW to 22 kW can be split into three pieces, allowing installation into your ceiling cavity hassle free.