Mitsubishi Electric

4-Way Large Cassette

These large capacity cassettes, with advanced airflow features and independent vane direction control, provide indoor comfort in a sleek unobtrusive design. Perfect for larger residential rooms or office spaces, the PLA Series provides consistent temperatures throughout the space you need to heat or cool.

Key Features

Today’s heat pumps are incredibly versatile, with lots of advanced features that allow you to customise the way your unit operates to enhance efficiency and complement your lifestyle.

Wide Airflow

PLA Series Cassettes utilise wide-angle outlets to distribute airflow to all corners of the room, ensuring the room is cooled/heated in an even manner. Both horizontal airflow and fan speed have been reduced by 20% compared to conventional models, contributing to increased comfort for occupants.

Horizontal Airflow

The Horizontal Airflow function prevents both cold draughts and/or heating airflow from striking occupants directly, thereby keeping people from becoming over-chilled/over-heated.

3D i-See Sensor*

The 3D i-See Sensor works to detect the floor temperature and how many people are present in the room automatically switching to the optimal operating mode. With a total of eight sensors which rotate a full 360º in 3 minute intervals, it is able to detect people’s position in the room to provide direct or indirect airflow as preferred.

Sleek, Compact Design

The PLA features a sleek, square design with bevelled edges that provide a compact and modern finish.

Auto Fan Speed Mode

The fan speed on Deluxe PLA Series Cassettes is adjusted automatically, maintaining a comfortable environment at all times. At the start of operation, a high fan speed achieves quick heating/cooling of the room. Once the desired temperature is reached, the fan speed is reduced for stable, more efficient heating/cooling and greater comfort.