Underfloor Heating

Get the right underfloor heating solution

Choosing the right underfloor heating solution is one of the most important things to consider when building a new home.

If you get it wrong you may end up stuck with a system that is too expensive to run or doesn't provide you with the level of comfort and control you’d expect from your investment.

HPAC Energy Centre is one of the leading suppliers and installers of the latest generation of heat pump hydronic underfloor heating systems and we can design and tailor a system to suit your new house plans.

One of the best features of a heat pump hydronic underfloor heating system is that it can also heat your domestic hot water resulting in some fantastic energy savings potentially reducing your domestic hot water costs by around 66%.

How does underfloor heating work?

Before the concrete slab is poured we install a series of water pipe circuits under the areas of the house that are to be heated. These pipes are made of a very tough plastic (cross linked Polyethylene) that can withstand an enormous amount of tensile stress, do not corrode, and can be easily fitted.

These pipes are then connected to a manifold and control system and finally an air-to-water heat pump is connected as the heat source. These air-to-water heat pumps work in much the same way as an ordinary heat pump by extracting free energy from the outside air, but instead of heating the air in your house this heat energy is passed to the underfloor water circuits via a heat exchanger. The underfloor water circuits can be thermostatically controlled so you can turn off rooms that aren't being used and adjust the temperature in each room to suit the required comfort level.

To heat your domestic hot water for your water cylinder the slab water circuit is simply routed to the hot water cylinder through a coil in your hot water cylinder much like a wet-back system and the water for the underfloor system and in the hot water cylinder never mix.

Because this is a heat pump based system most of the heat energy being used is free and only a relatively small amount of electricity is used to drive the heat pump compressor and water pump.

An underfloor hydronic heat pump system will typically use less than ¼ of the electricity of a similar sized electric element underfloor heating system making it the smart choice when considering your options for underfloor heating.

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