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6 reasons for a good ventilation system for business

From keeping staff happy and healthy to protecting your business and its assets, proper ventilation is a vital and effective component in a commercial space. By balancing out fresh outdoor air with stale inside air you can avoid the many problems attributed to poor air quality. Let’s go over the benefits of having a good ventilation system in your commercial property.


Better quality indoor air

Commercial ventilation is essential for protecting people on your commercial property from problems caused by gases or pollutants in the air. It’s especially essential for sufferers of asthma, allergies or other respiratory disorders.


Health & safety

Some commercial properties create gases, fumes or excess water vapour that MUST be expelled (eg. commercial kitchen or a commercial gas heating system are good examples). Poor ventilation in these types of environments can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


Avoid ‘sick building syndrome’

VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mould and other air contaminants are among the main causes of sick building syndrome. Ensuring proper airflow in your building protects the health of everyone, helping keep business productive.

Office spaces in particular are prone to a buildup of VOCs, harmful airborne chemicals produced by carpeting, paint, cleaning supplies, photocopiers and printed materials, and many other things found in commercial offices. A ventilation system removes them from the building.

Did you know the flu virus likes low humidity, dry environments? Keeping an appropriate humidity and heating temperature can help prevent influenza.



Heating, air conditioning and ventilation are all different parts of creating a comfortable environment for employees and visitors/customers. A good commercial ventilation system allows fresh air in without disrupting the heating and cooling systems. This helps control humidity levels, creating optimal comfort. Find out the what the perfect office temperature is in on of our previous blog posts. 


Reduce moisture build up

Simply existing causes moisture to build up. People, warm bodies and breathing, bathroom and kitchen sinks, plants, etc. all increase humidity levels within a commercial space. Without good airflow this builds up and can result in germs being circulated amongst people and mould growth. Not only does this make people ill, it wreaks havoc on your building too, eating into walls, floors and ceiling materials.


Better energy efficiency

Having a good level of humidity also affects how much heating and cooling is required so having it just right is more energy efficient. 

We are commercial climate control experts. Good ventilation was one of the requirements when we worked on The Beat Box. It came with the added challenge of making it as noiseless as possible. See how we delivered on this for our client. 


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