Hot Water Heat Pumps

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

For most New Zealand households the energy used to heat their hot water cylinder is the usually largest single contributor to their electricity bill.

That's why we believe that a domestic hot water heat pump could possibly be one of the best investments a household could make. 

A domestic hot water heat pump is one of the most efficient forms of hot water heating available giving you the same amount of hot water for up to 66% less energy consumed. The systems we offer will work down to -10 deg C so the benefits are available all year round, not just in the summer or on sunny days.

These systems can in most cases be fitted to your existing hot water cylinder so there is no need to upgrade your hot water cylinder if it is still in good working order.

EXCEED heat pump water heaters are the result of a two year development program and are designed to provide efficient water heating in New Zealand’s climate conditions.

Up to half of your total energy costs annually may be spent on water heating alone. Exceed’s design makes it perfect for installation in new and existing homes as it can be connected to most types of water cylinders in good condition. They are recognised by the New Zealand government as being able to assist with our need to conserve energy.

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