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The HPAC Energy Centre is New Zealand owned, operated and authorised provider of a wide range of residential heat pumps and commercial air conditioning solutions in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region, delivering design and build, sales, installations, parts, repairs and programmed preventative maintenance services. 
We provide complete installations, re-connections, servicing, maintenance and repairs for the complete range of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. 

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The Wi-Fi Interface is available on selected Mitsubishi Electric High Wall and Floor Consoles, and can either be purchased as an optional upgrade when purchasing a new heat pump, or retrofitted to an existing model.

Plasma Quad Connect

This optional high wall accessory, features high-performance two stage plasma technology. Working to clean away smells, dust, mould and other common household allergens, the Plasma Quad Connect advanced filtration system is an ideal addition for asthma and allergy sufferers.


We spend up to 80% of our time inside. As such, good indoor air quality is paramount to our well-being. So how can home owners have the peace of mind they can breathe cleaner, healthier air all year round?

Available on new installs and as an optional retrofit

Designed to be installed directly above high wall units, the Plasma Quad Connect is an optional Advanced Air Filtration System, compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric High Wall Systems:


  • EcoCore GL Series
  • EcoCore Designer EF Series
  • Large Capacity AS90
  • EcoCore AP Plus (including AP Mini, AP Classic (both Wi-Fi Control as optional upgrade) and AP Plus (Built-in Wi-Fi Control)).
  • Classic GE Series
  • Large Capacity PKA-M High Walls
  • Large Capacity PKA-RP High Walls
  • FH Series
  • FH HyperCore Series
  • FB Series
  • FB HyperCore Series

How To Connect Your Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control To Your Home Internet

OmniCore Multi Room Heat Pump Systems

Servicing Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps

HPAC Energy Centre is an authorised dealer for Mitsubishi Electric heat pump systems in Christchurch, and the wider Canterbury region. We provide full service and preventative maintenance options for Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps & air conditioners for maximising the life of your equipment, ensuring full efficient operation, reducing call outs, providing early warning for potential repairs and protecting your warranty. 
How often you service your system will depend upon the frequency of usage, the demand on the unit, and the conditions the heat pump is exposed to. Our team can advise you on the best frequency for your equipment and environment.




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From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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