Exceed Hot Water Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Water Heaters

EXCEED heat pump water heaters are the result of a two year development programme and are designed to provide efficient water heating in New Zealand’s climate conditions.

Up to half of your energy costs annually may be spent on water heating alone. Exceed’s design makes it perfect for installation in new and existing homes as it can be connected to most types of water cylinders in good condition. They are recognised by the New Zealand government as being able to assist with our need to conserve energy.

Efficient water heating giving you savings of up to 66% on your water heating costs

Advantages of EXCEED Heat Pumps

  • Lower purchase and installation cost than solar panel water heating systems
  • Reliable hot water supply giving quick recovery for families using a lot of hot water
  • Easy installation in new and existing homes. No building permit or structural alterations required
  • Advanced technology designed and tested specifically for New Zealand climate conditions
  • Safe double barrier heat exchange system complying with NZ Standard AS/NZS 2712
  • Pay back period for EXCEED heat pump water heater may be only 5 years for some families
  • Three year parts and labour warranty

Our Heat Pump Brands

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