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Our range of accessories are a great addition to any heat pump. Give us a call for more information about the range.

air purifier Daikin

Air Purifier

Don't compromise on health and comfort. Breathe easy with Daikin's Air Purifier.

Daikin Air Purifiers improve the quality of your air indoors with its advanced 6-layer filtration technology which purifies the air in your home by eliminating bacteria, airborne particles and odours. Officially approved by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ.

It is also ultra quiet with operating sound levels of as low as 16dBA which means you can not only sleep soundly at night, but also with peace of mind. Easy portability and unintrusive design to help optimise in-home space.

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Universal Remote

Which ever brand of heat pump you own we can supply you with a universal remote that will be compatible in seconds.

Simply point the remote at your heat pump and hold down the button on the remote which has the brand written next to it until your heat pump responds (i.e. makes a beep sound) and it is then permanently programmed as explained step by step in the included instructions.

Control all the normal functions, including important functions such as the temperature, mode and speed.

heatpump cover plant

Heat pump outdoor covers

The standard style cover comes with a colour matched sturdy aluminium top. Through your colour choice, you can tie it in with the features of your home or have it seamlessly fade into the background.

The standard heat pump cover is designed to fit all sizes of single fan residential outdoor units.

The Premium Cover offers a hardwood timber top laid into an aluminium frame with hand-finished detailed edges and an oiled surface, so it can seamlessly sit beside the finest outdoor furniture and building features.

These are really popular when the cover is in your exterior living space as it provides an extra surface to use for food and drink or a favourite pot plant. 

Custom covers are available in a high-quality powder-coated aluminium construction but made to your exact specifications, measurements and needs. They are ideal for multiple units, water heating/gas units, units in tight spots and more.

From heat pumps, ventilation to hot water heat pumps and underfloor heating, we’ve got a solution for every season.

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