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1.    My heat pump is ticking, why?


Clicking sound is also normal; it takes place when you turn the heat pump on for the first time after a long time of inactivity. If you hear it more often, the problem might be with the start capacitor and when it breaks the heat pump won't run.

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2.    How often should I service my heat pump?


As a guideline, it is recommended that commercial systems have a thorough annual preventative maintenance check, coupled with three quarterly filter checks.

Residential units require a comprehensive service every two years as a minimum (when filters are being cleaned regularly). However you may wish to do this annually before each winter to ensure your unit is working optimally.

It is important to keep vegetation clear of the outdoor unit so that airflow is not impeded and to check the unit is clear of leaves monthly.

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3.    How often do filters need to be cleaned? Do filters need to be replaced?


A commercial unit requires a quarterly check, as part of an annual preventative maintenance plan. For residential units we recommend you review your filters and clean them monthly, as they become dirty quickly.

If not damaged they do not need to be replaced, but they do need to be cleaned regularly.

Check our blog to know more about the importance of heat pump maintenance and servicing

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4.    How often should I service my ducted system?


A general good rule of thumb is to have your ducted air circulation system cleaned and maintained once a year. But after two years, it's recommended to change the filter sock replacement. It may be recommended to be replaced sooner if it is particularly clogged.

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5.    How often should I service my underfloor system?


HPAC would recommend a quick service a year after installation, and then every year after that. This will ensure that the system is kept in good working order and will help to identify any faults before they cause damage.


6.    What is done on the HPAC 10 Point Service Check?


  • Clean and disinfect the systems’ coils
  • Clean and disinfect drain pipes and condensate pumps if fitted
  • Clean air filters
  • Check the electrical circuit for the system
  • Check for any refrigerant gas leaks
  • Check the systems fault diagnostics
  • Check temperature readings
  • Check the systems general operation
  • Check noise levels
  • Instruct in any operation and maintenance requirements, if necessary


HPAC are authorised service agent for Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Hot Water Heat Pump manufactured heat pump systems. These manufacturers and the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) recommend heat pumps are serviced every 12 months to maintain peak performance, efficiency, and reliability.

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