Christchurch Airport

The Challenge

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  • Two entrance doors without a two door lobby arrangement or air curtains to contain a comfortable indoor temperature in the space.
  • One door faces south and the other faces east so the prevailing cool winds had a very noticeable effect on the temperature in the arrivals hall let alone the ongoing energy costs in trying to maintain heat in this space. 
  • Added to this problem there were limitations on capacity of hot water from the central plant and power supply to this end of the terminal.

The Solution 

  • 1Air Curtains were selected as the cost effective options to provide an invisible barrier across the door to retain indoor conditions in the arrivals hall.  These air curtains need to be heated to be effective on cooler days and this is where a hot water heat pump system located at the end of the arrivals hall was the total solution to all these issues confronting the airport engineers.
  • Two Daikin 16Kw Altherma Hot Water Heat Pump unitscoupled to an 800 Litre Buffer Tank were installed with two circulating pumps, one for each door circulating 50 – 55oC hot water to the water heating coils in each of the Air Curtains, with the airport BMS system controlling the doors and hot water pumps when heating is required.

The Outcome

  • The heated air curtains forming an effective barrier to the outside climate conditions that were effecting the arrival halls temperature with reduced energy costs.
  • Utilisation of Hot Water Heat Pump technology to overcome the issue of hot water availability from the terminals central water heating plant and limited power supply at that end of the main terminal building.
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